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The Next Generation of Tech in Arcades & Amusement

Where We Are Today

Arcades, barcades & FEC’s are making a comeback and we’re seeing some useful tech advances in the Amusement industry.  Breakthroughs in technology such as the internet-of-things & cashless payment systems have a solid foothold.  Operators are embracing the concept of transforming many paper-based processes into the digital cloud.  Technicians are learning to work in digital systems, and better data is starting to give operators insights about their business that haven’t previously been considered.

Amusement, in general, hasn’t seen as much of a leap forward as other industries such as manufacturing, healthcare or education – but concepts that have driven record growth and improvement for them certainly do apply.

Where We’re Headed

Our industry has grown significantly in adoption of new solutions that enable data collection at a very granular level.  The focus will now be on creating a feedback loop for constant iterative improvement.

Over the next 10 years technology will make all our human resources more productive & organized.  It will be a catalyst for driving efficiency and profitability at the operations & logistics level.

Cloud-based web applications, card systems, cashless payment solutions, remote sensors & improvements to networked machine interfaces will produce millions of data points ripe for analysis.  Next generation software like Portal AMS will act as a clearing house for that data, giving us the ability to merge & gain insights from it.

This technological shift in mindset will mean the difference between…

Responding to customer requests as calls come in & gauging overall success by anecdotal customer satisfaction levels.


Knowing via Portal AMS that average turnaround time on a high priority service call is 12 hours.  As a team we sit down once a week to review high priority work orders that took longer than that.  We brainstorm ways to overcome the bottlenecks that caused excessive turnaround time & create a specific action plan for improvement.

… and the difference between…

Collections & Maintenance Activities are done once a week for every location because that’s the way we’ve always done it and we can’t risk any deviation because it’s better to be safe and go rather than risk machine failure or depleted consumables (tickets, tokens) due to a delay.


We know the exact rate of machine failure per week so now we can schedule preventive maintenance on a location by location basis.  Location X requires preventive maintenance every 2 weeks but Location Y needs a visit every 5 days.  Additionally, because we’ve installed Portal AMS remote meters at our distant locations, we can now schedule collections when the bill boxes are nearing full, saving on drive time & fuel costs.

How Portal AMS is Leading the Charge

At Portal AMS, we’re giving you an elegant solution that makes it easy to gather better insight into what’s happening with the machines at your locations and streamline your organizational communication.  The Portal is your hub for capturing and merging data from your customers, employees and third party systems.

Our most successful customers will use the Portal as a vehicle to create a cultural change in their organization.  You’ll have data and insights that will allow you to monitor key performance metrics and set objectives with your customers & employees for incremental improvement.

Your customer satisfaction will improve and your (and your customers’) profit margins will increase. Waste and inefficiency will be transparently monitored and improved.

The next shift in technology for the amusement and arcade industry will all be all about the interaction between you, your employees, customers, machines and software.  Software will continue to provide smarter data and insight, but people will be your best source of change. This is what we strive for at Portal AMS.  We’re driving a new class of technology—one that empowers our end users to drive constant improvement using data.

For more information and/or to see a live demo of the Portal AMS, simply register here & I’ll contact you.  If you have questions and would like to discuss, feel free to drop me a line anytime at or call me at (816) 898-8132.


Matthew Licausi