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Portal Arcade Management Studio – 8 Advantages:

Overseeing the maintenance of multiple game rooms at multiple locations, not to mention a repair shop or fleet can be a daunting task, to say the least. The introduction of arcade maintenance management software like Portal Arcade Management Studio is changing the face of arcade maintenance management, and is improving the overall efficiency of operators both large and small.

Here’s a short list of 8 advantages of using Portal AMS.


1. Plan and Schedule Preventive Maintenance

Portal arcade maintenance management software automates the scheduling of inspections and maintenance, preventing many problems and expensive repairs. Changing from a reactive to proactive service schedule extends the life of your equipment while reducing the overall operating costs.

2. Manage Service Calls Efficiently

Software for maintenance and equipment management improves workflow efficiency by allowing you to schedule, assign, and close service calls quickly and easily. Portal AMS gives you the ability to configure work order screens with the desired fields, automatically track service calls in the system, and capture the history of every piece of equipment.

3. Manage Spare Parts Inventory

When a maintenance department is disorganized, it can be difficult for technicians to find the parts they need, when they need them. Portal AMS allows managers & technicians to track equipment that needs to be maintained and set up the automatic reordering of parts, so they have the right spare parts on hand to perform repairs quickly.

4. Eliminate Paperwork

Using Portal AMS for maintenance and arcade management eliminates the need for paperwork and clipboards because the software captures information automatically. Technicians can view all information related to work orders on their computers or mobile devices. Therefore, maintenance technicians don’t have to search through folders and filing cabinets to find the information they need.

5. Enhance Productivity & Efficiency

Portal AMS can be used on smartphones, enabling maintenance technicians to access real-time information, check inventory, and initiate work orders without returning to the shop. This reduces travel time. Portal AMS also provides maintenance technicians with details about the procedures, parts, and tools necessary to perform a job, so they can get to work without delay or interruption.

6. Reduce Down Games & Repair Costs

An out-of-order game is costly both in terms of revenue loss and damage to your reputation. When you focus on planned, preventive maintenance, equipment downtime is minimized. Because Portal AMS helps create regular maintenance habits, your equipment is less prone to breaking down, which means that repair costs are also reduced.

7. Keep a Finger on the Pulse of Your Organization

By using Portal AMS to analyze equipment history and trends, you will identify problems areas like rising costs, low productivity, or constant repairs.

8. Reduce Overtime

Portal AMS will help minimize overtime by reducing the need for emergency maintenance and repairs. By scheduling maintenance, technicians can work more efficiently and effectively.

The cost savings you can achieve with the implementation of Portal AMS can be significant, and it’s critical to choose an Arcade Management System with the right functionality at the right price, as well as work with the right partner to maximize the value you get out of the system.

At Portal AMS we’re dedicated to being a great partner and helping you achieve your goals. Try Portal AMS to experience first-hand how it can simplify and streamline your operations.

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