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Portal AMS Update #6 – December 2, 2019

Improving Coin-op Management with IoT & Portal AMS™

First generation cashless payment systems are common, and have automated data collection built in.  However, many street operations and significant numbers of certain types of game rooms aren’t the right market for and/or can’t support the costs of a full cashless system.

Introducing the amusement industry’s first WiFi/IoT Remote Coin Meter™

The Remote Coin Meter™ from Portal AMS™ bridges that gap – and is an extremely powerful and affordable IoT solution.  The Remote Coin Meter™ will reduce servicing and maintenance costs, promote incremental revenue, and streamline operations.

Portal AMS™ Remote Coin Meter™ (RCM)


The RCM is a complete solution for remote data gathering.  In an arcade environment this includes every individual coin, dollar bill validator, prize and ticket transaction.  Additionally, simple magnetic switches (purchased separately) installed in the coin door can act as a security device, recording door open/close events.  Each transaction is labeled & stored, timestamped and uploaded to the Portal AMS™ transactional database.

Comprehensive reporting allows us to analyze this data in any imaginable way.  Each coin, BV, prize and ticket event can be sorted by date/time and cross referenced to a game and/or associated location.  This allows virtually any comparison to be generated – e.g. same game performance comparison across multiple locations during a given timeframe.

Revenue reporting allows you to know exactly how much money should be waiting in each game and how much merchandise has been awarded, so you can calculate commissions and know exactly how much merchandise will be required to fill without needing visit the location or read a single meter.

In addition to comprehensive reporting, any number of alerts can be triggered by any number of conditions – e.g. no gameplay in a set time frame might indicate a game is down and in need of repair.

Frequently Asked Questions (click to expand)

Where is the RCM made?

Portal AMS™ and Licausi Development, LLC proudly support local businesses.  The Remote Coin Meter™ is manufactured in Kansas City, Missouri.

How is the RCM installed?

The RCM requires a power source (4.5V-28V DC) and has 5 inputs.  This means you can connect any combination of up to 5 coin microswitches, dollar bill validators, prize sensors or ticket dispensers.  It’s a simple 2 wire connection to each.  The NO/NC signal connects to port A and common/ground to port B.

There are two installation modes.  “Listener” and “Controller”.

In Listener mode the RCM does not change the current operation of the game… it simply “listens” to the events as they occur.

In Controller mode, the RCM processes the input from the switch and sends the output signal to the game PCB/wiring harness.  The RCM is equipped with 4 output ports which can be configured to correspond with any or all input ports and for any pulse length or duration.  Controller mode is mainly in place for future updates to functionality.  Most installations will be in Listener mode.

How does the RCM communicate to the cloud?

The RCM operates on WiFi.  You may configure primary SSID/password and a secondary (backup) SSID/Password.  If primary is unavailable, the RCM will automatically connect to secondary until primary becomes available again.

It’s also important to note, the RCM does not need to be connected to WiFi constantly to function.  All transactions are stored in memory and you specifically configure how often the device transmits.  Most operators set the unit to connect every 2-3 hours.  This ensures that the device puts the least possible strain on the local WiFi network, uses very little bandwidth, and rarely has an issue finding an open IP address from the router.

What are costs?

The RCM is priced under $80 per unit for the hardware.  Ongoing fees include a nominal monthly Portal AMS™ subscription fee and API fee for each active RCM.  The minimum order is 20 units.  There are volume price breaks for both at 100, 250 and 500 unit orders.

Please call for a personalized quote.

Are there any other hardware/network requirements?

The RCM is completely WiFi/Cloud-Based so does not require an on-site kiosk or server.  There does need to be WiFi connectivity available in proximity to the device.  Typically the location will provide or the operator can use an LTE gateway to provide their own WiFi service.

 As an authorized reseller of plug-and-play LTE Cellular Router and WiFi networking hardware we can provide complete Remote WiFi network design and support services for those who require.

How long does it take to receive my order?

We manufacture the RCM’s as they are ordered.  Typical turnaround time is 4 weeks from receipt of payment.  This can vary depending on holidays and any customizations requested.  We may be able to accommodate a rush order on a case-by-case basis.

How do I access the data?

All data is available in the Portal AMS™ Dashboard.  Several pre-defined reports are available.  For 75% of operators, these reports will be all you need.  If you want something different, we will build custom reports quickly and for no charge.

 All raw data may be exported from the Portal AMS™ Dashboard for import to other systems.  We are also happy to build custom integrations for any third-party systems that you want data streamed to automatically.  This is contingent on the third-party system granting permissions and having an API to which we can post the data.

What kind of installation and ongoing customer support are available?

Portal AMS™ and the Remote Coin Meter™ are simple to install and easy to use.  Every client will receive personal one-on-one onboarding assistance for setting up and learning the workflow.  Ongoing support is just a phone call, email or text message away.

Moderate gaming machine technical experience and the ability to navigate a simple web application are required to use the Portal AMS™ & Remote Coin Meter™.  Initial training will take approximately 30 minutes via web conference.

 On-site installation services are available.  Reasonable travel, lodging and time-on-site fees will apply.

Does the RCM support cashless payments?

Currently we do not provide a cashless payment solution, but are exploring options for mobile pay as a supplemental payment method to coins/tokens/cash.  We would be very interested in hearing feedback from operators in this research.  Please call if you would like to be part of the beta development.

If you would like to learn more about how Portal AMS™ and the Remote Coin Meter™ can help you reduce servicing and maintenance costs, promote incremental revenue and streamline your operations, call me today at (816) 898-8132, email me at or fill out this short form.

Kindest Regards,

Matthew Licausi


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