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Portal AMS Update #3 – June 7, 2019

In the month since my last update we’ve completed testing & rollout of a number of important feature enhancements & general adjustments.

Top on the list is definitely our Mobile Work Order module.  Technicians in the field now have a simple and effective means to view, update & complete their work orders right on their phones.  Additionally, we’ve completed & deployed what we think is the easiest & most effective route collection & commissions module on the market today. 

Portal Arcade Management Studio – cloud-based arcade management software to help you track assets, improve workflow, make data-driven decisions and thrill your customers.

Mobile Work Order Screens

The new Work Order List mobile view shows a simplified chronological list of open work orders.

The Work Order View mobile screen gives technicians all the information they need to be able to quickly complete tasks.

Mobile collections are simple.  Enter meter readings, cash/credit revenue & total tokens/credits awarded to automatically produce a commission report.

The completed commission module takes meter readings entered by your technician and automatically calculates the commissions due to your customer.

Settings include:

  • Commission Method – Pay on all revenue or Pay on game usage
  • Commission Rate % by game
  • Sales Tax if applicable (deduct from revenue or deduct from commission)
  • Credit Card transaction fee reimbursement or deduction from commissions
  • Custom Adjustments – deduct or add any amount or percentage from revenue or commissions

See the help guide – How to Use the Collections Module for more detailed info.


Sample Commission Report

Finishing these modules marks the completion of all of our major launch milestones.


The coders are working on infrastructure for what will be a comprehensive reports builder & dashboard.  At-A-Glance you’ll have indicators for open & overdue work orders, quick views of daily tasks and summary revenue & collection data.

My focus now is shifting to onboarding new users and collecting the first rounds of feedback & feature requests.  Already, many exciting future enhancements are being added to the concept pool.

Some of the notable ideas include a redemption counter system with scanners, direct integrations with systems like quickbooks/freshbooks, a route planning module to calculate optimal drive routes, and hardware components like a remote coin meter w/ wifi that directly reports in to the system.

I’m ready to provide you with cloud-based arcade management software to help you track assets, improve workflow, make data-driven decisions and thrill your customers.

To join the fun, you can register for a free account (which will give you access to the pricing info & calculator), read more about us and/or fill out this short form and I’ll reach out to give you a demo, answer questions about pricing & features or just have a chat and get to know you!  Let’s roll!

Kindest Regards,

Matthew Licausi
Licausi Development / Portal AMS


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