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Portal AMS Update #2 – May 7, 2019

It has been a week and couple of days since my last update, and I’m truly amazed at the amount of work that can be done in that time!

When I last updated, we were in the process of completing the data abstraction portion of the project… or in other words, tightening controls over which users see which data and which user roles have access to certain features & functionality.

Portal Arcade Management Studio – cloud-based arcade management software to help you track assets, improve workflow, make data-driven decisions and thrill your customers.

I’m thrilled to report that extensive process, review and testing has been completed and data access is locked down tight to ensure only appropriate users see appropriate data.

We’ve completed extensive testing and can report with confidence we have zero bugs and the system can support massive amounts of transactions on a quite minimal, but properly built, platform.

This is especially exciting because access has been turned on to the application for our free users!

I’ll start by working with each of our operator partners by importing & creating customers.  Once customers are in place we’ll import/create locations and assign those to the appropriate customers.

Next we import assets (game machines, changers, etc…) & assign them to their respective locations.  Last step to get the rest of the data loaded is to import the base parts & inventory levels for each.

Finally we’ll set commission rates for each game at each location & add any special additions or deductions that need to be made for sales tax, regular shared expenses, etc.


For our immediate next steps the developers are pushing to enhance mobile views for the Work Orders module.  Our objective is to give your technicians the easiest, most intuitive interface.  When they’re out in the field, they’ll have a tool that’s so effective and simple to use they’ll want to use it exclusively!  This is truly a partnership and I’m thankful to have a great group of operators helping me to make this onboarding process as simple as possible for future Portal AMS users.

I welcome the chance to be your partner too and provide you with cloud-based arcade management software to help you track assets, improve workflow, make data-driven decisions and thrill your customers.

You can register for a free account (which will give you access to the pricing info & calculator), read more about us and/or fill out this short form and I’ll reach out to give you a demo, answer questions about pricing & features or just have a chat and get to know you!

Kindest Regards,

Matthew Licausi
Licausi Development / Portal AMS


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