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Managing User Roles

User Roles Defined

Portal AMS is a user role based system.  Each user role has access to certain modules, and within those modules rights to carry out specific functions such as add, edit, delete, etc.  Following are the user roles available.


The operator is the system super-administrator.  Operator user has full privilege to:

  • Add other Users to your account & manage their roles/permissions.
  • Fully manage Customers, Locations, Assets, Parts, Work Orders, and Collections.

You can have only one operator level user per account.

Operator Admin

Operator Admin has full access to Customer, Location, Assets, Parts, Collections & Work Order modules.

This user can view & edit other user accounts but cannot add new users.

This user type is typically managers or back-office admin staff.

Technician Lead

Technician Leads can fully manage work orders for themselves and other users.  This includes creating, assigning or completing them.

This user level cannot manage other users, customers, locations, or collections.


Technician users can fully manage work orders for themselves only.  This includes creating, editing or completing work orders.  They are restricted to creating work orders ONLY for locations to which they are associated.

This user type does not have access to other modules.