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Updates to the Collections & Commissions Module – June 24, 2019

Based on operator feedback we’ve added some new capabilities & features to make the system work better for you.

Feature for Non-Metered Machines

Some machines – like bulk candy machines – don’t have meters to read.  So we needed a way for a technician to simply enter the number of tokens/credits that were used at the machine.

Our solution is simple.  When adding these machines, you’ll enable them for collections as “count”.  When the collection form is generated, the fields for these machines will prompt the user to enter a count instead of a meter.

Keep in mind, this setting can be used for any machine… so if you prefer to count games in general, or if you’re using a card system that provides a count of credits used, this feature is perfect for you.


Deduct Merchandise Fees Before Commission Split

Some operators offer lower commission rates for redemption machines or merchandisers… but some prefer to keep commissions high but deduct fees for plush or other merchandise from game revenue before calculating the commission.

This feature allows you to set a percentage to deduct from a redemption or crane machine revenue prior to figuring the commission.

Simply browse to your location’s commission settings & these options are located under the ‘Adjustments’ section.  Toggle them on, set the percent to deduct & the system does the rest.

In your commission report for this location you’ll see Merch Fees deducted & commission is calculated against the Net Revenue. 

Quick Collect Button

Previously, to set up a collection, you needed to browse to work orders, add a work order, and attach a collection form.

For operators in the field, that can be a cumbersome process when minutes count.

Our solution is a new feature for creating a “Quick Collect”.

It’s super quick & easy.  Simply navigate to your location (Locations > Click Location) and press the “Quick Collect” button at the top of the page.

The system will generate all the appropriate work orders & the next screen you see will be your collection form.

For more information and/or to see a live demo of the Portal AMS, simply register here & I’ll contact you.  If you have questions and would like to discuss, feel free to drop me a line anytime at or call me at (816) 898-8132.


Matthew Licausi