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How to Use the Collections Module

Preparing the Commission Settings

Prior to doing a collection, you will need to ensure that your location is created and all games, changers & POS counters are added in Assets and assigned to the proper location.  For more information see Basic Setup.

Once that is done, you will need to ensure that all the commission settings are appropriately configured for the location.  To access those settings go to Locations in the left menu, then click the location you would like to configure and click the “Commission Settings” button.

On this screen you have several settings to specify.

Pay On Settings

You have two options for how to pay commissions.  Pay on all revenue or pay on game usage.

If you select pay on revenue, all the revenue collected at the location will be divvied up between each game based on that game’s respective share of the total gameplay during the collection period.

If you select pay on game usage, the revenue for each game will be calculated by multiplying the total credits on a game by the value of a credit.  Credit value is calculated by dividing the revenue by the number of credits/tokens dispensed during the collection period.

Game Commission Rates

Here you will set the commission rate to pay for each game individually.

Sales Tax

If you are required to pay sales tax at this location you should enable sales tax and enter the sales tax rate.  You may select to deduct it from either revenue or commissions.

Standard Adjustments

You may enable to deduct a percentage of credit card revenue from commissions to cover your credit card processing fees.

Likewise, you may enable to pay back a percentage of credit card revenue – for locations that use their own point of sale system to sell tokens or credits.  This assumes that the location is paying you the revenue they collect.

Custom Adjustments

You may add as many custom adjustments to your commissions as you would like.  Custom adjustments set here will automatically be added to every collection for this location.

Enter a label describing what the adjustment is for.

Select deduct or add.  Deduct will subtract the amount – add will add the amount.

Enter a number amount and select dollars or percent in the dropdown.

Select whether to apply the adjustment to commissions or to revenue.

Creating a Collection Work Order

Now that you’ve set up your location, assigned games/changers and configured the commission settings you’re ready to start assigning work orders and using Portal AMS to log your collections.  The process is very simple.

Create a new work order – make sure to toggle the “attach collection to this work order” switch to ON.


Save the work order.

The assigned technician may now view the work order in their mobile device.

The tech will enter the total number of tokens/credits dispensed during the collection period.

They will then enter the meter readings from each game.  Note that the system will ‘remember’ the previous meter reading and calculate the number of credits used during the collection period.

Finally, enter the amount of cash and credit collected at each changer and/or point of sale counter.

Once you click complete you’ll be given a chance to review all the entries and add comments to the collection before submitting it for review.

The Collection/Commission Report

Now that your technician has entered all of the collection information it’s up to you to review and edit or pay the final commission.

Navigate to the “Meters/Collection” screen with the link in the left menu.  Click into the collection object.

All commissions will be calculated based on the meters & revenue data submitted by the technician – as well as factoring in all your standard and custom adjustments.

From here you may either close out the commissions by clicking “Pay Commissions” or you may edit the values by clicking the edit button.

Once you’ve clicked “Pay Commissions”, the collection is frozen and can no longer be edited.  Every commission report is saved and accessible at any time.

The commissions module is designed to be as simple as possible yet offer a robust set of custom adjustments to fit virtually any scenario.

If you have any questions or need help with configuration for your unique process, don’t hesitate to contact us.