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About Locations & How To Add Them

What is a Location?

Locations are a key component of your Portal AMS account.  These are the physical locations at which your machines are set.  Each location can be associated to only one Customer.

Additionally, when you’ve set up a location you’ll associated assets to it.  These are the games/changers you actually have set at the location.

Managing Locations

There are multiple attributes for each Location.  Additionally each location has separate Commission Settings that will apply when you complete collection activities there.

  • Landmark*
  • Name
  • Address, City, State, Zip
  • Phone & Email
  • Website
  • Customer*
  • Default Technician*
  • Custom Fields*



This field is tied to google maps.  To set the map marker for your location simply start typing the name of the location until it comes up in the list.  Alternatively you may type the exact street address.


This is the customer that “owns” this location.  Select the customer from the dropdown list or create a new customer.


Default Technician

When creating work orders for this location, this technician will automatically be assigned.  Don’t worry, you can change or remove the technician in the work order, this is just a convenience setting.

Custom Fields

Custom fields give you the ability to attach one or more completely custom fields to your locations.  You can store a unique ID for your accounting software, or any other value.

To Add a Location:

  1. Click Locations in the left menu
  2. Click Add Location (or Import from an excel spreadsheet)
  3. Begin typing the name or address of the location in the Landmark field

    This Landmark field is connected to google maps… find your location and select it and it will automatically populate the remaining name/address fields.  You may edit any values you wish to change.

  4. In the Customer field select the customer you would like to associate this location to.  You may start typing the customer name to filter the list.
  5. In the Technician field select the technician (or technicians) you would like to set as the default for this location.
  6. Add custom fields if needed.
  7. Click Save Location

    The new location will now appear in your locations list.  You may sort, filter or search to find them.  Click the location name for the full view of that location detail and to access Commission Settings for that location.


    Pro Tips

    Set your shop/warehouse up as a location!

    Add your shop or warehouse as a location… then you can add and track warehoused assets.  You’ll be able to manage shop staff schedules and to-do’s with work orders!