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Cloud-Based arcade management software designed for easier maintenance, work orders, asset management & more.

Easy to Adopt.  Easy to Use.

Data Import

We understand you have years of existing data.  We’ve created easy to use excel templates for importing all your customers, locations, assets (games) & parts inventory.


Free Tier Access

Sign up for Free-Tier access and you can import, set up and configure your entire operation in preparation for using the Portal AMS.  Once you’re ready, upgrade to take advantage of the full feature-set.

Right-Size Pricing

Other industry options are limited in capability & prohibitively expensive.  We’ve employed the latest and most cost effective cloud technologies that allow us to offer a more fully-featured product at a fraction of the cost.


Built for Operators

We’ve engaged operators of every size and type to help us create Portal AMS.  We’ve built the system to be easy to use for operators, office admins, and service technicians of all skill levels.

Inventory & Asset Management

Portal AMS is used to easily keep a centralized record of all assets and equipment that operators & service teams are responsible for, as well as keep a detailed record of the asset life cycle & work that has been performed on them.


Track placement, usage and service/repair history on games, changers, or any machine asset.


Track usage and service/repair history on peripherals like card swipers.


Track usage and costs of replacement parts.


Track inventory and placement of consumables like tickets, tokens and redemption prizes.

On-Demand & Scheduled Work Orders

Operators, Admins or Technician Leads can select equipment with a problem, describe the problem, and assign a specific technician to do the work, from any web-enabled device.  When the work is complete, the responsible technician marks the work order “complete” and the appropriate user is notified that the work is done.

Scheduling preventive maintenance is as easy as flipping a switch.  Any work order can be given a recurring schedule, automatically creating an easily tracked series of subsequent duplicate work orders with future due dates.  You can change the schedule or other details on one or all in the series at any time.


Service Call & Scheduled Task Management

Create, update, track & assign work orders for on-demand service calls, preventive maintenance and repeating tasks.  Attach parts or consumables to work orders for automated inventory updates.


Meter Readings & Collections

Easily attach a collection form to a work order so your techs can log collection amounts and meter readings. 

Revenue, Commissions, Taxes & Collections


Commissions & Taxes

Configure commission & tax rates by location and machine.  Set up +/- adjustments automatically by location, or add to each individual collection.  Once your service technician has collected revenue and recorded meter readings, a collection ticket is routed to your office admin for confirmation counts, adjustment and final approval.


Third-Party System Imports

Import data from any third party reader/scanner or other type of system with our simple-to-use excel templates.

On The Horizon

We’re passionate about constantly and endlessly improving our product, introducing new modules & bridging the gap between other systems.

While these are a few planned updates, we’re really relying on you and your feedback to drive our growth and development schedule.  Join us today to help build the most comprehensive system on the market!

Vendors & Purchase Orders

Create purchase orders for new parts and inventory without need for a separate system.


Route Management

Assign locations to a technician/route and track activity by route.

Business Integrations

Integrate systems like gmail for automatic work order creation or accounting systems like quickbooks or freshbooks.


Maintenance Checklists

Add checklist items or complete, premade checklists to work orders.

Redemption Module

Full redemption counter module, scanners & inventory.


Work Requests

Submit work tickets through the mobile app or a customized web page.

Time & Cost Tracking

Track wrench time and maintenance costs within work orders for greater insight into productivity and expenses.

Depreciation Tracking

Track depreciation for your assets.

Advanced Reporting & History

Enhanced reporting with custom report builder.

IoT Sensor Integration

Remotely monitor your entire arcade with advanced wireless sensors.

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