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About Portal AMS™


Portal AMS™ (Arcade Management Studio) is the backbone of the easiest and most powerful software solution for arcade operators of all sizes. Our goal is to provide you with mobile and online tools that are unmatched in performance, reliability, and functionality. We’re constantly developing the best tools & the best customer support into one extremely easy-to-use and affordable package that requires no big upfront investment.


Portal AMS™ is developed by Matthew Licausi of Licausi Development, LLC in Kansas City, MO (that’s me!).  I grew up in vending and amusement working for our family business, Lee Complete Vending & Amusement, which was established by my grandfather in 1952.  My uncle Frank Licausi, who owns Amusement Connect & still operates Lee Vending today, taught me the importance of maintaining a clean, working arcade.  Over the years, I’ve built Licausi Development to be a successful web & software development firm.  We’ve been behind countless digital media marketing campaigns for brand names from Kraft to Boeing and have developed and sold several digital cloud platforms that are driving success in industries ranging from education to real estate. 

In 2016 I joined the team at Amusement Connect to develop an RFID card system from scratch.  During the next couple years I began to notice that affordable and cutting-edge amusement industry management systems were just not available.  After receiving many requests to develop something of that nature, I decided to break ground and began developing Portal AMS™ in early 2019.

The Licausi Family.  From left to right – Cecilia, Cara, Jude, Matthew & Gemma.


Portal AMS™ isn’t your typical fly-by-night startup. We’ve been doing this for a long time and have the scars & successes to prove it. Our customers choose Portal AMS™ because they’re looking for a long-term partner, not just a product. We’re out to win your business & make you and your customers more profitable.  We’ll engage you regularly to “pick your brain” and find the next great enhancement, and make sure that you’re getting the best value possible from us.


Portal AMS™ provides numerous mechanisms for securing your application data. Data center firewalls control network access to and between our application instances. Data transmission between you and our servers is secured using 256 Bit Encryption, which is the same level of security encryption used by all major banking institutions. Our applications are built using best-practices, where sensitive data is encrypted at the database level to provide maximum security.


Availability, Reliability & Redundancy is the name of the game. Our backups have backups. Portal AMS™ utilizes an Elastic Computing Cloud environment (Amazon EC2) to bring you an unprecedented level of availability and reliability. With a commitment of 99.95% availability, we are equipped with primary, secondary & tertiary server environments to ensure that you’ll always have access to your data. Our service runs within EC2′s proven network infrastructure and data centers. We also utilize a true Transactional Email System that provides reliable delivery of email alerts to your techs and customers. The bottom line is Portal AMS™ offers an unmatched level of performance and reliability.


Portal AMS™ is 100% focused on customer success. We understand that our success depends on your success. As we grow we’ll always make sure you can connect immediately with expertly trained, live, human and friendly reps that are here to help you succeed. We won’t hide behind the keyboard like most companies. Just pick up the phone and call!

Beyond reacting to support requests, we have built in proactive safeguards and monitoring to alert us when there *might* be a problem happening.  It will not be uncommon to receive a call from us just checking to make sure you meant to do something, or alerting you to potential issues.


The Portal AMS™ philosophy is to design software that is elegantly simple and easy-to-use without compromising functionality. The biggest problems with today’s software are they don’t do enough or they do too much and you’re paying for features you don’t use. Not only do they do too much, but they do it poorly and just don’t do enough to support real businesses. They over-promise and under-deliver and design features just for the sake of designing features. We’ll always be committed to keeping the bloat out of Portal AMS so that it’s easy to use. But don’t mistake that for a lack of features. Portal AMS™ is extremely powerful and was built by master developers with the guidance of a group of operators FOR operators.


Using the best resources in elastic computing also means Portal AMS™ is ultra-scalable. Instead of being bound to any single server resource like other systems, Portal AMS™ has the ability to rapidly scale both computing resources and storage capacity. We have the ability to commission one, hundreds, or even thousands of server instances simultaneously. This virtually eliminates any bottlenecks in our service and ensures that you never get stuck without Portal AMS™.


Portal AMS™ is built modularly, and appropriately utilizes our elastic cloud resources in just the right way to allow us to bill at extremely low rates while still providing exceptional value and funding growth & expansion.  We bill variably based on the number of users you have on the system, and the number of locations you have in the system.  You will find that pricing is half or less than what comparable systems bill.


Portal AMS™ is bringing cloud-computing & systems integration to every amusement & arcade operator, no matter what shape or size you are. There is absolutely no excuse to continue doing things the slow, disorganized & expensive way anymore.  Our goal is to provide you with mobile and online tools that are unmatched in performance, reliability, and functionality. We’re constantly developing the best tools & the best customer support into one extremely easy-to-use and affordable package that requires no big upfront investment.